“Give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name, make know among the nations what He has done and proclaim that His name is exalted.”
Isaiah 12:4 (NIV)

This is my life verse – a calling if you will. But it’s also a conundrum at times, because I struggle to know how to make known among the nations what God has done when it seems like no one “in the nations” is listening. In that same vein, how do you proclaim that His name is exalted when there are those who are content or compelled to deny Jesus’ existence and/or His love for them?

I wonder if you find yourself REALLY tempted to X out of this page
right now?

You clicked on our site looking for some answers about what this organization does, maybe even hoping to find information about pregnancy or abortion. You then clicked to this page to see what the director’s like and I led with a Bible verse. Maybe you’re now thinking,
“Uh Oh, here comes the Christiany pro-life schpeel!”
I get that. I was once in your shoes – both with regards to my doubts about Jesus Christ and my questions about pregnancy and abortion. But here you are still reading…
So, I’m wondering (& hoping) that you’ll hang with me for a few more paragraphs.

Let me just describe for you my version of, what God has done as it relates to pregnancy and abortion. You see for me, personally, he gave me a choice. He freely gave me the option to choose a career path, to choose my friends, to choose my husband and yes, He even gave me the option to choose what to do with my unplanned pregnancy. Yep, I was there once upon a time – 17 & pregnant. And God met me with my choices. They were three very hard choices but they were my choices to make. I could choose to carry my baby, choose to place my baby for adoption or choose to terminate my child’s life. You can probably guess what I chose. I chose abortion and my life has never been the same. Because, what I didn’t know is that with that particular choice came some really hard, extended consequences – exquisitely harder than anything I could have anticipated. Emotional numbness turned to over-emotionalism turned to self-destructive behavior turned to extreme rage. Rage that almost took my husband and my two children from me. My choice for abortion almost destroyed everything I held dear.
But what God has done has been nothing short of miraculous!

He took the broken shell I became following my abortion and transformed me into a picture of His mercy – healed and whole. How? By first showing me compassion. You see, even after I had chosen abortion God took another woman’s baby (a woman who chose to carry her baby to term) and then placed her baby (that would be the cute blondie you see in our family pic above) in my arms as his adoptive mother. Wait, what?! I’m the woman who chose abortion for the baby I didn’t plan for!! And God would later count me worthy of being the mother to someone else’s newborn? The simple answer is, “Yes”.
I find it incredibly interesting that part of the salve to mend my broken heart – (broken by the choice I made for abortion) came through another woman’s choice to carry her child and then give him as a gift to my husband and I.  What God has done in my story is incredibly real and personal to me – probably far removed from where you are right now. Ok. But you have chosen to continue reading…

One of the things I love about Christ, is that He gives us the choice to choose our path. We have the right in Jesus Christ to choose His plan for us…or not. Nobody can force us one way or the other. But when we do choose Jesus Christ we find grace, compassion, comfort and His power to maneuver through our hard circumstances. Discovering that for myself as God freed me from the guilt and shame of abortion is what inspires me to boldly proclaim that His name is exalted (Christianize talk for AMAZING). It’s also what fuels my desire to be a voice in the darkness for those feeling lost and scared as they face an unplanned pregnancy. I choose each day to come work at a place that receives NO government funding, is highly misunderstood and often misrepresented. I choose to lead this ministry because I see God at work here! Through our staff and volunteers our clients (guys and gals alike) find care – the kind that lasts through an entire pregnancy and beyond! They find compassion and practical help in times of crisis. They find the information they need to make an INFORMED CHOICE about their circumstances. And they find the freedom to choose their path – no coercion necessary. Because Jesus will never force His will on anyone. So, as His people, why would we? We stand nothing to gain in manipulating or coercing anyone into a choice that is not fully their own.
So, here you sit reading my not-so-typical Director letter. You’ve now gotten a pretty up close and personal view of the lady who directs this PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) and what makes her tick. What now?

Well…choice has gotten a really bad rap in our society as both sides on the abortion debate have become polarized with the mention of that word. But here’s my prayer for you. Whether you are reading this and considering iChoice Life Services for your pregnancy care, STD test, or even a place to donate or volunteer, I hope you will leave this page with one thing in mind: Jesus Christ is the center of this great ministry! No matter what your experience with Christian people thus far, Jesus Christ invites you to be INFORMED about your pregnancy choices because He cares for you and He cares about what you choose. I know this. Our staff and volunteers know this and I’m hoping that deep down, you sense this. Will you give Him the chance to show you how much He loves you by scrolling back to the home page and contacting us for an appointment?

Ok, there it is. My life verse in a nut shell through my story and my heart for you. It’s now on the net for the nations to see. I thank God that you read through to the end and will be praying for the privilege to meet you in person.
All in for Christ,

Glendie Loranger
Executive Director
iChoice Life Services