Baby Bottle Campaign

Anyone can do a baby bottle drive! By partnering with us, you are helping us support LIFE for mothers, fathers, and the unborn, right here in Spokane. Below are some options for how you can give!

1. Fill a Life Services Baby Bottle:


Pick Up: All Life Services Baby Bottles can be picked up at your local church. Take your bottle home and place your baby bottle in a visible spot, like your kitchen counter or desk at work. Over the next few weeks fill your bottle with coins, cash, or checks (made out to Life Services).  Use this baby bottle as a conversation starter to share your heart for life.

Drop Off: Bring your baby bottles back to your local church on June, 18, 2023.

**A receipt will be given for check donations only.


2. Text to Give:

Simply text the amount you would like to give and “baby bottle” to 509-207-1712. Ex. “$100 baby bottle”

**A receipt will be given for text to give donations.


3. Give Online:

Choose any quantity and combination of bottles from the list below then fill out your info as a final step.** A receipt will be given for online donations.

At Life Services, we believe that all three lives in an unplanned pregnancy are valuable: mother, father, and baby. Our desire is to empower men and women impacted by unplanned pregnancy, sexual trauma, or abortion. We do this by providing truth, hope, medical care, and support through the love of Jesus Christ. Using a baby bottle serves as a powerful conversation starter on the topic of LIFE and a reminder of what our organization is all about.

We accept all bottles back, even if your bottle is partially filled. Please return all bottles to us by the drop-off date, regardless of how full they are, so we can recycle them for our next campaign.

Our Baby Bottle Campaigns help to support all the work that we do at Life Services, this includes our MyChoice Medical Clinic, Men and Women’s Mentoring Programs, and Housing Program. As a 501(c)(3), we receive no government funding and are fully supported by donors like you.

We recommend gifts like cash, coins, or checks with lots of zeros at the end, but hey if you want to give us your prized sticker collection, that’s fine too.

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for checks, credit cards, or text to give donations. Coins and cash gifts are not tax-deductible.

Money Bottle $200.00
Quarter Bottle $50.00
Dime Bottle $35.00
Nickel Bottle $15.00
Penny Bottle $5.00

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