Without you, there is no us!

One person reaching out in support can make all the difference to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy. God has called us to be a source of support, love, and encouragement that reflects who He is and how much He loves those we serve. You, as a Volunteer, put feet to our message. Will you partner financially with us to help save lives, restore hope, and rebuild futures?

Giving Ideas:

Dollar a Day Plan – ($7 week/$30 month) purchases 30 free pregnancy tests, allowing us an opportunity to provide hope, support, life-affirming options, and ongoing care to 30 women who are facing possible unplanned pregnancies.

Changing the Conversation – ($25 week/ $100 month) provides STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing and treatment for one at-risk individual. This allows us an opportunity to educate and share a message of sexual integrity.

Taking it to the Streets – ($600 week / $2,400 month) covers our current Mobile Medical Unit; nursing care, insurance, fuel, maintenance and storage costs.

Legacy Brick – Build Your Permanent Legacy by purchasing a brick for $250 to be set in the Life Services walkway. Honor those you love, commemorate a special date, give a gift that will last a lifetime and/or establish your family name permanently on our property, which has been dedicated to the support of LIFE in our community. Purchase your brick today by clicking on the “donate” link below and follow the prompts on the next page.
Planned Giving is also a great way to give! Click Here to Download

Physical Items

  1. Maternity & Baby Items – Click Here to Download the List
  2. Maternity Home Resident Welcome Baskets – Click Here to Download the List
  3. Maternity Home Grocery Shopping List: It takes a village to keep a houseful of young pregnant gals well fed. For an updated shopping list, please feel free to email our Residential Services Director, [email protected].


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