Without you, there is no us!

One person reaching out in support can make all the difference to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy. God has called us to be a source of support, love and encouragement that reflects who He is…and how much He loves those we serve. You, as a Volunteer, put feet to our message. Will you partner with us to help save lives, restore hope, and rebuild futures?

Below are the steps to becoming a volunteer

Step #1: Attend an Orientation.
Our orientations are every first Monday of each month 6-7:30 pm at our Ash Street Clinic. Email your contact info to [email protected] to reserve your spot!

Step #2: Fill Out a Volunteer Application.
Applications can be picked up in person at our Ash Street Location: 2659 North Ash Street, Spokane, WA 99205 or you can download the application here.

Step #3: Interview & Background Check
Each of our volunteers goes through an interview to find where they will fit best within our ministry.

You have the option to serve as a People Volunteer or Project Volunteer.

A. People Volunteers work directly or indirectly with clients or residents. Roles as a People Volunteer can include:

Client Advocate: Come alongside our clients to help them process and identify the components of their crisis and align her with needed resources.

Nurse: Use your degree as a Registered Nurse to run pregnancy tests, advocate for and address the medical concerns of clients in need of answers.

SPA Partner: A SPA Partner is a mentor who participates in monthly SPA nights in order to pair up with a client or resident participant in our MySPA program.  Partners meet weekly according to their own schedule with their participant mentee to offer encouragement and support.  Life Services provides training and support for Partners.  Our hope is that the relationships that develop will become a lifelong friendship.

Fatherhood Program: Mentor, encourage, and help raise up stable, reliable, and God-fearing future fathers.

Host Home: Provide a supportive family home for a woman in need of a safe place to begin anew.

Respite House Parents: Weekend and evening, and on-call substitute house parents.

Community Ambassador: Provide awareness to the community, your place of work, or church about our ministry. We will equip you with a packet full of information and resources.

Child Care Provider: Provide childcare for children of young moms participating in MySPA life skill classes or monthly SPA nights.

Share a Skill: With our Maternity Home residents.

Host a Baby Shower: For our new moms in the Maternity Home.

Post Abortion Support: Lead a group to encourage others walking through a past abortion.

B. Project Volunteers serve to move the ministry forward through specific tasks and projects. Roles as a Project Volunteer can include:

Admin Help: Baby Bottle Campaign help, newsletter, and mailings, etc.

Maintenance Help: Help us keep our building beautiful!

Special Events: Help our staff during our fundraisers and events.


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