Maternity Home

For women who are pregnant and looking for a safe and stable living space, our Maternity Home offers housing (private room and bath), counseling, and resources. We provide a supportive, family-style environment, where residents can reset and build healthy, Christ-centered relationships. Currently, our Maternity Home has space for up to 3 women.

We also have a network of host homes in the community that provides continued housing and support for women who have completed our maternity home program and are seeking further life change.

Basic criteria for Maternity Home residency:

  • Pregnant
  • Teens through 29 years of age
  • Drug-free
  • Without serious mental illness
  • Willing to contribute to community living by participating in daily chores (part of life skill building)
  • Commitment to participate in your own plan of restoration and growth
  • Acceptance into the program through application and interview process

You can find an example of our Maternity Home Application HERE

All referrals to our Housing Program go through our MyChoice Clinic.

To find out how you can volunteer with our Housing Program, email Ellyana at [email protected]


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