Post-Abortion Care

PASS – Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

By age 45, a third of all women will have had at least one abortion. 65% of women who choose abortion self-identify as Christian*. In fact, one in three people in and out of the Church are post-abortive*. Most did not choose abortion lightly and many report significant feelings of regret either right away or days, months, years later. Abortion can cause lasting emotional and psychological repercussions commonly known now as PASS*, Post-Abortion Stress SyndromeIf you or someone you know has had or been involved in an abortion, or has PASS symptoms and needs to talk with someone who understands firsthand, we can help.


The purpose of AbAnon is to provide awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by abortion and to provide a path to healing for those affected.  

AbAnon is a program out of SRT Services (Sexually Related Trauma Services), a local non-profit organization, based right here in Washington.  They offer free assistance to those in need of healing and recovery from the pain and emotional impact caused by abortion.

Life Services is proud to partner with SRT Services in the healing process.

Sexual Abuse Care


Life Services recognizes there is a connection between an increased number of sexual partners, unwanted pregnancies, STD/STI’s and sexual trauma. By the age of 18, one out of three women and one out of four-five men will be sexually abused or assaulted.  One in nine women will be raped in her lifetime. Shame, guilt, and fear prevent many from seeking the help they need. Most are unaware of how the lasting effects of trauma are negatively affecting their daily life and relationships.  Symptoms like difficulty regulating emotions, sleeping, anxiety attacks, problems with intimacy and trust, addictions or eating disorders, and other symptoms of PTSD are common.

We want to help. Life Services partners with SRT Services (Sexually Related Trauma Services) and their program SAVAnon (Sexual Abuse Victims Anonymous).  Visit srtservices.org for resources, to sign up for a recovery group, or to request information.  Or contact the SAVAnon Local Area Director, Amy Ebat,  personally at [email protected]

Services Available:

  • Quarterly confidential small groups for men and women. Contact Amy Ebat at [email protected] for more information or to register.

Additional Information:


  • AfterAbortion.com – What is PASS?
  • AbAnon.org – The purpose of AbAnon is to provide awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by abortion, and to provide a path to healing for those affected.  
  • SavAnon – The purpose of SAVAnon is to create awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by sexual abuse and sexual assault, and to provide a path to healing and recovery for those affected.



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